Beth, You Naughty Thing

Well. A sudden new entrant is taking the Beth Morgan scene by storm. Although Beth Morgan news tends to be dominated by cricket Beth Morgan, the chatter these days is about a very, very naughty Beth Morgan in Australia who approved controversial real estate developments in exchange for sex and cash. Beth! That is shocking! And I thought that porno Beth was bad for the Beth Morgan brand. This sounds like something soap opera Beth Morgan might do. I’m sure it’s been amusing to cricket Beth, who has been in Australia cricketing away while all the sordid details of naughty Beth have been making headlines there.

Update: Big shout-out to Sex & Cash Beth for causing an explosion of traffic to the blog!  As with the people seeking MILF Beth, I sadly don’t have much for you.  I’ve never even been in a position powerful enough that I *could* demand sex and cash from anyone.  Even with the husband it’s more of a negotiation than a demand.


  1. I thought you might find this amusing… I was just looking at your LinkedIn profile, and lo:

    Viewers of this profile also viewed…
    Beth Morgan
    QA Assurance Program Manager at StoredIQ

    Another BM in the mix! Furthermore, if you click on *her* profile, you see that not only do people who are interested QA Beth Morgan click on your profile, but they also click on *another* Beth Morgan’s profile. It’s turtles! Turtles all the way down!

  2. Not only that, but the second Beth Morgan lives in Washington DC, where I used to live. Uh, I guess that isn’t actually that interesting, now that I think about it. Wait, TWO people with the same boring name might have some connection to a MAJOR METROPOLITAN AREA? That is KEE-RAZY!!!

  3. Well, you /could/ capitalize on it and rake in some money through your great experience of PPC and place some affiliate ads on your site.

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