Being Beth Morgan: The Beginning

Can one simple Beth Morgan among many make her voice heard? Can she succeed in her goal of becoming the authority on all Beth Morgan-ness? Can she unjustifiably come to dominate the whole Beth Morgan conversation? Let’s find out…

Here at Red Bricks Media one of our focuses lately in our SEO practice has been on the growing universe of potential offsite factor possibilities: the many ways beyond the traditional link buying/link exchanging that you can create legitimate inbound links to your site and thus increase your search engine results in Google and Yahoo. While it’s obviously still very important to improve the onsite factors on your site… well. You know IT. Even if you love them, sweet talk them, compliment them, and feed them chocolate-covered espresso beans, they still tell you your changes will take between 6 months and never. Meanwhile, we can start up smart link exchanges, set up blogs, set up profiles in social media, and have dozens of links flying back and forth within a week or two.

So, inspired by Matt Creamer of Ad Age, and keeping in mind the smart blogging guidelines laid out by our own Craig Hordlow, I am staring an experiment: can I use offsite factors to improve my personal ranking on a relatively difficult search term: my own name?

In terms of uniqueness, Beth Morgan is no Moon Unit Zappa. At the risk of hurting my own experiment by linking to some of the other many Beths in the world, I am an English cricket player; I blog about my cancer (stay strong, that Beth!); I make really fabulous hats in England (I actually kind of wish I was that Beth Morgan); my prom date this May had a handsome wine-colored vest; I played soccer for Harvard in a most kick-ass manner; I’m a costume designer for the movies; I’m a writer; I’m a porn model & actress; and… hot damn! I’m a new M2F trannie! Welcome to Bethness, that Beth. That doesn’t even get into the fictional Beths.

Meanwhile, I personally don’t have a raft of naughty pictures, essays, hats, accomplishments, or really anything else to point to on the web. I have this blog. I’m starting it from scratch to see how long it will take to get the Beth Morgan listings that do point to me (I’m the third one!) to start showing up. I’ll post back occasionally to update on progress.

Starting position in Google: 1 top ten listing refers obliquely to me.

Starting position in Yahoo: 0 top ten listings refer to me.

Planned activities: link my Facebook profile here. Link my Linked In profile here. Link my MySpace profile here. Actually care for and update all those profiles. Update my Yahoo profile. Upload photos to Flickr. Upload videos to YouTube.


  1. well, beth, another beth morgan (stage name) here, but shucks, no hats or porn!

    tho i did follow this back to red bricks and have just left an inquiry.

  2. Hello, Another Beth! How did you pick Beth Morgan as a stage name? Because, as I pointed out, it’s a little…common. I suppose it does have a classic British feel to it… until Porn Beth sullies us all with her cheeky career. I wonder how Hat Beth feels about Porn Beth?

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