People Are Funny Things

My blog, of course, reaches a pretty wide audience, numbering some days all the way into the very lowest reaches of the double digits.  With that broad of a readership of course I keep my eye on the stats so I can make sure I’m serving people well and providing them the information they want.  And based on the top searches that people are using to get to my blog, what they appear to want is for me to be a MILF.

Yes, the MILF Beth Morgan is still a pretty common way for people to get to my blog, and I honestly do not get this.  I just did a search for “beth morgan milf” myself, and indeed my blog does show up in the first page of results– under the enticing heading “Beth Morgan’s Blog O’ Marketing” and after an entire page with of listings promising hot pics of MILF Beth, personal conversations with MILF Beth, and seriously far more enticing-looking options.  I just can’t understand how someone genuinely interested in the topic of hot mamas could ever be tempted to click on a listing that says right there on the results page, “Sadly I have nothing for you.”  Maybe they think someone who has a career as a nontraditional erotic model might also have a side-business in marketing consulting and they want to see the other side of her (eww)?

And the sad thing is that having now written a post with “MILF Beth” in it 15 times, it will probably only serve to move me up in the search results.  Google’s a funny thing, too.