Lean Your Marketing: Start Early And Stay Focused


Aaaah, the Measure portion of the presentation. *cracks knuckles, gets ready*

So, it was kind of funny trying to figure out how to organize this presentation, because Measure kept wanting to come first, despite being clearly second in the Build-Measure-Learn cycle.  And the reason it kept wanting to come first was because of this recommendation: start early.  Many’s the company that literally tackles things in that order: build it first, then figure out how to measure it.  But you should think about measuring and metrics very early in the game because, people: Google Analytics is a great tool, especially considering its price, but it isn’t magic.  Not a few people have asked, once I got some tracking set up on GA, if it could look at past results.  Yes, let me just drape a little blue cape on it and make it fly around the world until time flows backwards.  You want a baseline of your early performance?  You’ve got to set up performance tracking early.  It’s pretty simple.

As for what you track, it can be surprisingly hard for companies to be disciplined when it comes to looking at numbers.  When I’m talking to potential clients I’ll ask them if they’re interested in more traffic, more leads, more sales, etc, and they’ll generally answer yes to everything.  But it’s not that helpful to try to optimize 15 different stats at once– instead you should focus on the numbers that really matter, which is the subject of the next couple of slides.


Lean Your Marketing: The Slide Deck

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